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And every day I’ve learned more about the remarkable efforts of our faculty to improve the world: Alison Simmons and Barbara Grosz, are making sure that the next generation of computer scientists is prepared to address the ethical questions posed by the development of new digital technologies;
每天我都会更多地了解我们的教师为改善世界而做出的卓越努力:Alison Simmons和Barbara Grosz正在确保下一代计算机科学家准备好解决新数字技术发展带来的道德问题;
Ali Malkawi and his HouseZero, which is demonstrating the possibilities of ultra-efficient design and new building technology to respond to the threat of climate change;
Ali Malkawi和他的HouseZero,展示了超高效设计和新建筑技术应对气候变化威胁的可能性;
Sasha Kill Ewald, who’s revealing how marriage and parenthood affects wages, and helping us understand why economic inequality persists across generations—and also how we might break the cycle of poverty. I have also come to know about the work…
Sasha Kill Ewald揭示了婚姻和父母身份如何影响工资,并帮助我们理解为什么经济不平等在几代人之间持续存在 - 以及我们如何打破贫困循环。我也开始了解这项工作……
Of Conor Walsh, who’s helping people with neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases walk again with soft exosuits that use the latest robotic technology to help improve movement;
Conor Walsh帮助患有神经退行性疾病和神经肌肉疾病的人再次使用最新的机器人技术来帮助改善运动的柔软的exosuits。
Of Sara Bleich, who’s helping to address the obesity epidemic by considering how changes in public policy can reduce consumption of high calorie foods and soft drinks;
萨拉·布莱希(Sara Bleich)通过考虑公共政策的变化如何减少高热量食品和软饮料的消费,帮助解决肥胖问题;
Of Tony Jack, who’s changing how colleges think about supporting disadvantaged students and improving their prospects not just in college but throughout life;
Of Arlene Sharpe and Gordon Freeman, who are giving hope to cancer patients by harnessing the body’s own immune system to treat disease;
Arlene Sharpe和Gordon Freeman,他们通过利用身体自身的免疫系统治疗疾病,为癌症患者带来希望;
Of Xiaowei Zhuang, whose super-resolution imaging is enabling scientists to look inside cells with unprecedented clarity and see how molecules function and interact;
Xiaowei Zhuang,其超分辨率成像使科学家能够以前所未有的清晰度观察细胞内部,并了解分子如何发挥作用和相互作用;Of Andrew Crespo, who’s culled massive amounts of data from our trial courts to change how we think about our system of criminal justice—and how we might improve it.
安德鲁·克雷斯波(Andrew Crespo)从我们的审判法庭中剔除了大量数据,以改变我们对刑事司法系统的看法 - 以及我们如何改进它。
I have met faculty across our schools who are expanding religious literacy; who are exploring the role of the arts in promoting justice; who are confronting the opioid epidemic from every angle; who are working to make state and local government more effective. Their work is nothing short of inspiring.

And I’ve come to know students – absolutely amazing students. To the parents who are here thank you, thank you for sending these remarkable young people to us. They are nothing short of inspiring.
我开始认识学生 - 非常棒的学生。对于在座的家长表示感谢,感谢您将这些非凡的年轻人送到我们这里。他们简直就是鼓舞人心的。
Interacting with them is one of the great privileges of living and working on a college campus. Adele and I have had dinner with them in the Houses. We’ve watched them perform on the stage and on the playing fields. I’ve met with them during office hours and talked with them as I’ve gone running with them. If you spend time with our students, you cannot help but feel optimistic about our future.
This past week I had lunch with thirty graduating seniors. It was wonderful to hear how they think they have changed and matured during their four years here. I actually ask them how is your current self different from your 18-year-old self that arrived here on campus, and the stories were marvelous. And I have witnessed this process of transformation myself.

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