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金吉列留学专注留学20年,为您提供全方位留学服务,第一时间更新权威留学资料。如果您想了解更多的留学咨询,欢迎浏览金吉列留学官网 www.jjl.cn 或者点击下侧咨询栏,专业留学顾问提供在线咨询。接下来为您介绍QM2021年9月入学最新政策与安排

we encourage all students to travel to the uk for queen mary’s welcome week which begins on the 20th september 2021, or by the first week of the academic calendar ﹙27th september 2021﹚.


there are huge benefits to being on campus particularly as all of our programmes will be offering in-person teaching, alongside online learning. outside of the classroom you will benefit from all of the social, cultural and educational activities you would expect whilst living in london, once again voted the best city in the world to be a university student. examples of some of these experiences can be found on our london pages. however, if you are unable to join us in september for the start of your programme then the majority* of our students will be able to study online until such time that you are able to travel to campus.


all* cas which are issued to new international students will have 7th february 2022 as the very latest arrival date for entry to the uk. if you have already received your cas with an earlier date, this will be updated to reflect the 7th february. however we encourage students to travel at the earliest opportunity available to them to ensure they make the most of the on-campus queen mary university of london experience. for further details, please visit our faq’s page.

另外请注意,已签发给国际学生的cas将以2022年2月7日为最晚到校的日期(部分专业除外,请参考后面*星号内容)。如果你之前已收到早于该最晚到校日期的cas,你cas上的最晚到校日期将被统一更新为2022年2月7日(部分专业除外,请参考后面*星号内容)。然而,我们非常鼓励学生尽早抵达校园,以便充分享受和使用伦敦和queen mary的丰富资源。更多详细信息,请访问常见问题页面。

*those studying on certain programmes in the school of medicine and dentistry and school of history have deadlines in place by which they are required to be on campus. details of this programmes and the dates by which students are required to be on campus can be found on our faq’s page.


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