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金吉列留学专注留学20年,为您提供全方位留学服务,第一时间更新权威留学资料。如果您想了解更多的留学咨询,欢迎浏览金吉列留学官网 www.jjl.cn 或者点击下侧咨询栏,专业留学顾问提供在线咨询。接下来为您介绍美高申请面试攻略!

个人信息和生活 personal information and life
1﹚ please introduce yourself. 自我介绍。
2﹚ what is your name? do you have an english name? 你叫什么名字?有英文名字吗?
3﹚ how old are you? 你多大了?
4﹚ where are you from? 你来自哪里?
5﹚ tell me about yourself, including your family background and where you grew up? 告诉我一些你自己的生活,包括你的家庭背景和你在哪里长大?
6﹚ how do you describe your hometown? 你如何描述自己的家乡?
7﹚ what do your parents do? / what’s your parents’ job? )你父母的职业是什么?
8﹚ do you have any brothers or sisters? 你有兄弟或姊妹吗?
9﹚ what role do you play in your family? 你在家里扮演什么样的角色?
10﹚ do you have any pets in your family? do you like pets? 你家里有宠物吗?你喜欢宠物吗?
学术背景和就读学校 academic background and school
1﹚ which grade are you in now? which grade will you take? 你现在就读哪个年级,准备申请哪个年级?
2﹚ have you taken any standard test, like toefl or ssat? what is the score? 你是否参加过toefl 、 ssat等标准化考试?考试得分是多少?
3﹚ how many students in your grade and what’s your rank? 你们年级有多少人,你排在多少名?
4﹚ how many courses did you take this term? what are they? 这学期你修了多少门课?都是什么课?
5﹚ please tell me math and english classes you have in your current school. 请告诉我你现在就读学校的数学和英语的课程情况。
6﹚ what is your favorite subject in your school? why?你最喜欢的课程,为什么?
7﹚ what courses have been most difficult or most challenging for you? and what have you done to overcome these difficulties? 哪一门课程对于你来说最困难?你是怎么克服的?
8﹚ please tell me your academic honors you have received during the past three year. 请告诉我过去三年里你所获得的学术上的荣誉。
9﹚ what is your greatest academic accomplishment or failure? 你取得的最大学术成就或经历过的最大失败是什么?
10﹚ who is your favorite teacher? why? 你最喜欢哪一位老师,为什么 ?
11﹚ do you like your school? how would you describe your school? 你喜欢你的学校吗 ? 你会怎么描述你的学校?
12﹚ tell me about your school life in china. 请告诉我你在中国的学校生活。
课外活动 extracurricular activities
1﹚ what do you like to do in your free/spare time? 你在课余时间都喜欢做什么 ?
2﹚ please share with us any extracurricular, or personal achievement of which you are especially proud. 请和我们分享你特别引以骄傲的课外活动或其他个人成就。
3﹚ what’s your favorite sports? how long have you played? are you a member of the school team? 你最喜欢什么运动?有多长时间?你是校队的成员吗?
4﹚ what activities you are involved in community service or other extracurricular interests you may have? and what is your duty? 说说你参加过的活动社区服务或者其他课外感兴趣的活动。你担当什么职务?
5﹚ do you have any hobbies or special interests? 你有什么爱好和特别感兴趣的事情 ?
6﹚ do you have art specialty? 你有什么艺术特长吗?
7﹚ do you like reading? what are your favorite books, author? what magazines or newspapers do you read regularly你喜欢阅读吗?你最喜欢那本书,哪位作者?你经常阅读哪一份杂志或报纸?
8﹚ have you ever read any english version books? 你读英文书吗?
9﹚ what is your favorite movie or tv? why? 你最欣赏哪一部电影或电视剧 ? 为什么 ?
10﹚ how will you keep balance between the academics and extracurricular? 你如何平衡学习和课外活动?

个人经历和成长 experience and growth
1﹚ what did you do during last summer holiday? 暑假你做了什么?
2﹚ do you have any strengths and weakness? what are your strengths and weakness? 你有什么优点和缺点?
3﹚ what makes you different? 说说你的与众不同之处。
4﹚ if you can use three words to describe yourself, what are they? 请用三个词来描述你自己。
5﹚ tell us more about your friends, how would you like your friends to describe you? 告诉我们一些关于你朋友的情况,你希望你的朋友如何描述你?
6﹚ what person has most influenced you in your life? 哪一个人对你影响最大 ?
7﹚ what has been your greatest achievement so far? 你最大的成就是什么?
8﹚ tell me the greatest challenge you have experienced, and what you have learn from it? 你经历过最有挑战的事是什么,你从中学到了什么?
关于申请的学校 about the school you applied
1﹚ why do you want to study in america? 你为什么要到美国读书?
2﹚ how do you know our school? 你是怎么知道我们学校的?
3﹚ what do you know of our school? 关于我们学校都了解些什么?
4﹚ what is of the most interest to you about our school? why do you want to attend this particular high school? 你对于我们学校最感兴趣的是什么 ? 为什么想来这所学校读书?
5﹚ what did you like most about our school’s academy? 你对我们学校最感兴趣的课程是什么?
6﹚ which languages would you be interested in pursing at our school? 你在我们学校想学习哪种语言?
7﹚ do you think what contributions you will make for our school? 你会为学校做出什么贡献?
8﹚ what can you bring to our community or what can you contribute to our school? 你能为我们的社区带来什么或者你能为学校做出什么贡献?
9﹚ ideally, what do you hope our school will provide for you? 理想情况下,你希望我们学校为你提供什么?
10﹚ do you have any expectations from our school? 你对学校有什么期望?
11﹚ what are your most important criteria in looking at high school? 你选择高中最看重什么?
12﹚ what other schools are you considering? 你还申请了哪所学校?
13﹚ which school is your first choice? 你会优先选择的学校是哪所?
14﹚ why should we accept you? 我们为什么要录取你 ?
自我规划 self-arrangement
1﹚ what will be the greatest challenge to you, and what will you do to overcome it? 你认为出国后面临的最大挑战是什么,你打算如何克服?
2﹚ what are your goals? describe how you will achieve them. 你的目标是什么?你如何实现它们?
3﹚ what is your plan for your future life and career? 你对今后的学习和生活有什么安排?
4﹚ what will you do after you graduate from the high school? 你高中毕业之后想要做什么?
5﹚ where is your dream university? what will you do for your dreams? 你梦想的大学是什么?你会为你的梦想作出什么努力?
6﹚ what do you think your major will be in college? 你在大学里想学的专业是什么?
7﹚ what do you want to do when you grow up?你长大了想做什么?

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