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金吉列留学专注留学20年,为您提供全方位留学服务,第一时间更新权威留学资料。如果您想了解更多的留学咨询,欢迎浏览金吉列留学官网 或者点击下侧咨询栏,专业留学顾问提供在线咨询。接下来为您介绍NEU东北大学MSF项目面试经验整理及分享

今天收到李同学东北大MSF发来的邮件,要求学生在两周内完成面试。面试是商科申请很重要的一个环节, 下面是我整理的面试机经,分享给大家,欢迎各位参考

   面试分两个部分,video 和写作,整个过程约一个小时,问四个问题,每个问题需要3-5分钟。



    东北大学的面试是与 Kira Talent 合作,现在很多学校商院都是与这个面试机构合作,面试的问题是随机出题,每个人都不同,下面我把我总结的经常出现的一些问题整理分享给大家。




1.Why MSF? Why not other programs? 

2.Your short term and long term goal 

3.your proudest achievement 

4.difficult situation you face 

5.anything you would like to share

 6.what can you contribute to the 

7.why NEU should choose you. What you can do that other people cannot your friends and co-workers describe you 

  1. why you choose NEU(3characters)

 10.what can you learn from MSF 

11.what do you look forward most in moving to Boston

 12.a book or article you read for pleasure

 13.Why should we offer you a seat in this program this year? Why do you think that Northeastern is a good fit for you?

 14.Please give me an example of a time when you needed to adjust your learning or working style in order to achieve an objective. How did you approach and manage this adjustment, and what was the end result? 

  1. Outside of school and work, what do you do for fun? Why? 

16.How do you know my program? Through the official website 

17.What do you expect from MSF program? 

18.What challenges will you face if you are admitted and how to overcome such challenges? 

19.What is your short-term and long-term goals?/What is your career goal?/What do you want to accomplish 

20.Why you have decided to pursue a graduate degree at this point rather than to find a job? 

21.Will you work in the USA or go back to China?

 22.How a NEU degree/this program will help you to achieve your career goal?

 23.Why do you choose to study in the USA? 

24.What are your strengths to apply for this program? 

25.Are there other universities/Business School you have applied? What are they?

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